1. Greccio in the morning fog.

  2. View of the Rieti Valley near Greccio (Lazio, Italy).

  3. Morning fog fills the Rieti Valley near Greccio.

  4. Sunrise over Monte Terminillo, in the Rieti Valley.

  5. Basilica selfie.

  6. The 1753 bronze statue of Saint Michael by Peter Anton von Verschaffelt that tops the Castel Sant’Angelo.

  7. Saint Michael, as depicted by Perino del Vaga in Pope Paul III’s rooms in the Castel Sant’Angelo.

  8. Rome at night: the Tiber as seen from the top of the Castel Sant’Angelo.

  9. Saint Peter’s Basilica as seen from the Passetto di Borgo, the elevated passage that links the Vatican City with the Castel Sant’Angelo. It was erected in 1277 by Pope Nicholas III.

  10. Architectural details on the facade of the church of Santa Pudenziana, Rome.